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I am not a moderator but I do see moderators' point.
Has anybody seen the photo by jasmis?
I did see it on Facebook recently.
Please have a look at it, and may be you will understand the reasons for removing it? You don't have to think long to catch their reasoning. There is no controversy at all. The only reason to keep the picture is that the photographer is a senior member and that the intention was a sensitive issue. Is it enough?

As it so happens I deeply regret that so many great friends left the forum and directly or not the moderators are "responsible" for that. But before judging I would like to know by myself what were the real reasons. Some of the stories are hard to follow, I just know that somebody was banned and in protest somebody else left. In case of jasmis the case is simple. We cannot just say that moderators are arrogant and they do not respect members. This is not fair.

We in Poland have the tendency to accuse easily "them" meaning an evil force which is out there to kill our fun. At the same time we refrain from taking any responsibility.
Of course the web page is meant for fun. But every fun has to have some boundaries. Otherwise it becomes a mess. For example, once I considered leaving the forum because there are here too many people who are posting all kind of crap. And I know people who left for that exact reason. So I am glad moderators do something about it now.

The number of uploads really does not mean anything as the quality of uploads. You cannot use both arguments at the same time as they are contradictory.