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Hello Viviane, Iain & Paulo

I am glad that there’s a healthy dialogue going on to address the issues which as Iain rightly put was an exceptional weekend. An open discussion rather than mails would go a long way in clearing the air!

Like Paulo when the first wave of exits took place couple or so years back, I still defended this site, encouraging members to post & give constructive critics stating that this site was one where there still can be a good discussion about photography.

I am having doubts about my assertion of the past given the events of the last weekend, but I do hope I am proven wrong now!

I did not quite understand the ‘Marine” issue which according to Viviane was " a mouse becoming an elephant and partly because of the members giving each other wrong infos.”. If this be the case, I think its even more fair that the things come out in the open so that the ‘correct’ perspective is represented! What was the wrong infos which were flowing between the members, which resulted in their decision to leave the site?

One disturbing thought for me was, apart from banning a member, deletion of posts, we seem to have instances of modification of members’ critiques (example : Thread of member 'Ricx') ! I don’t remember such things happen in the past…don’t you think this tantamount to ‘Suppression of Freedom of Speech’?

Last but not the least, I am glad that this communication channel is open for a healthy discussion….

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