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Greetings all,

and thank you to Keith and Viviane for putting their heads above the parapet on behalf of the moderators.

I am little disappointed in the way this thread is progressing. It seemed to start off very positively with:

"I also will answer ordinary questions in this present thread as long as the request keeps being polite and if I can do that without trespassing the rules of moderating we have to follow."

But them seems to have moved to:

"I'll try to answer BY MAIL as soon as possible"


"As a general rule it is better to raise concerns directly with the mods via PM than in open forums."

This does seem to have been quite an exceptional weekend - so irrespective of what is normally better, an open discussion seems fair and appropriate at the moment.

For example, I too would like to know why Paolo's (Vato-Law's) thread was closed. One possibility is that it was a mistake on the part of the moderator concerned: moderators can only make themselves more human if they admit that they too make the occasional mistake. Alternatively, within the 'rules of moderation' there was a reason for which that thread needed to be closed. Could I suggest if this is so, you use it as a case study to show the processes the moderators go through when closing/locking a thread. Given that Paolo had no problems going public on a list of issues, I suspect he will have no problems having his thread discussed as a case study.

I may be a little old fashioned, but I truly believe that it is generally better to raise concerns in open forums (e.g. on the floor of a House of Commons, a National Assembly, a Senate - I believe it is called democracy) rather than through PM.

Regards, and thanks for keeping this conversation open.

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