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Default Hunting an old file

You are quite right. It would be nice to have a tool to hunt an old file.
I personally like going back in people's old photos. After all, it's a pity they should be forgotten and only new posts appreciated.
However it seems we'll have to use the old scroller. It took me less than 2 mins to get to p287 of Fis2 who is the most prolific member on TE with 5159 photos.
Beta Trekearth is easier because you can move the pages 5 by 5 at the top of the gallery page without having to scroll down to the bottom each time like on Trekearth.
The disadvantage with Beta is when the photos are very large, the site doesn't ajust the size. To see the photo properly I click right on "view image". But then, we can't read the note at the same time :-(
Another way is if you are looking for a member's photo from a specific region in a specific country, you can use the "photo Location information" list at the bottom of the intro or overview page.
Good luck and kind regards.
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