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Default Maybe I shall just stay at home.........

Hello dear friends,

What a fascinating (and also occasionally depressing) discussion about places to visit and placed to avoid!

I particularly liked Malgo's links to the amazing places in Madagascar which her friend, Grazyna, visited - those photographs are amazing and one day I shall get around to trying a Google translation on Grazyna's extensive notes. Yes, I believe that Luciano only really visited Nosy Be but my daughter and I in 2001 visited Nosy Be, Morondava (and the nearby Kirindi) as well as, of course, Antananarivo. I should love to visit Madagascar again sometime, especially now equipped with a good digital camera. Although we never witnessed the incredible Famadihana ceremonies, we did come across a rather impressive and also somewhat explicitly decorated grave in a forested area in the Kirindi which you can see here - in fact, I was so impressed by this that I rather think I should like eventually to be commemorated with an erection (!) such as this when I die!

Mariusz has certainly done his homework and certainly gives a lot of advice about travel to far off places but I think Gert has also given us much down-to-earth sensible advice gleaned from many years of very extensive travels indeed.

So should one just stay at home or not travel far? Maybe not all that safe after all because, apparently, on account of ancient laws which have not been repealed, it is quite legal to kill a Scotsman entering the city of York (provided he is carrying a bow and arrows) and a Scotsman wearing a kilt can still be shot on sight in the Isle of Man. But, out of interest, do you know the one thing that is definitely forbidden within the Houses of Parliament? You are not allowed to die! Ho hum.

Kind Regards,

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