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Cool there are always two sides

I admire Porteplume for her courage.

It is definitely sad that some senior TE photographers, like JY, Cretense and others left the site. It is obvious that the quality of TE uploads dropped because of this fact. I considered leaving as well.

On the other hand the rules are simple and I have the impression that quite often the senior members feel like the rules do not apply to them.
Every forum has a right to shape its profile according to its own rights.
If a forum declares that it is about "learning about the world" and people do not recognize it but keep violating this rule, they have to be prepared for the consequences. Moreover, TL was created, a forum which is supposed to be not for learning about the world but for more experimental photos. Yet people are often too lazy to transfer or they are afraid their audience will not transfer with them.

Low quality uploads happen to senior members as well. You may call them artistic but then they fit TL more than TE.
I respect TE moderators for being strict in that matter and sometimes I believe they are not strict enough.

I like in this forum the social aspect, I met many interesting people here and I learned a lot about the world and photography.
But I also like its organization. I like the fact that when I click a location I don't see flowers or candles, regardless at how wonderful or sensitive occasions they were uploaded.
I am really sad that so many have left, many good friends transferred to another forums which have a higher quality of photos, other chose sites with a greater flexibility of themes, other made finally their own web sites. There is nothing wrong or dramatic about it. TE is still a very unique place. On the place of old members, new members will come, some beginners other with great skills. Some friendships will be gone but other will develop.