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In English because many other members must know how we are thinking in the Mod Team.

Dear Juliette, and other dear members who love TrekEarth,

Have you ever wondered why you like TrekEarth sooooo much?

This is a question that the few moderators of TE are constantly asking themselves... We often talk about it, me for 10 years already, others for a little less time, but their dedication to a very thankless job, you will admit, and that engulfs much of our free time - and even of our sleep - it is not because of "inconsistency or mood of the day," we are not the police, we are just "in love" with this site … Yes! really! TrekEarth is dear to us and we want it to stay in the mind of the person who created it, giving the image of the world as the common man sees it but also with some consideration to what should be posted on TE or TL in that matter.
TrekLens, which is not less interesting than TrekEarth, certainly not, only an "easier" and less demanding website, but which does not please everyone ... And why not?

Why do we want to encourage members who post more or less common flowers, cats and dogs, reflections in a fountain, abstract photographs or whose notes are totally inadequate, to post their beautiful pictures on TL ?

Well because TrekEarth is different!
Different from TL but also different from many other sites. I would even say that TrekEarth is one and only in its kind, it is unlike any other site and its members, the ones who always stay, or come back sometimes, all know that very well !
And it is this "difference" that we want to keep, for us of course but especially for those who like TrekEarth just the way it is...

Friendly greetings,