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Default Re: why not english?

I do not agree with you on this point.It is always easier to communivate in one's language and express exactly one's opinion without hurting anyones feelings accidentally.When I read a note in a foreign language,it helps me learn that language if I have some base in it,like spanish or portuguese,then use the translator for all foreign language.
Since you are from the netherlands,i am sure that you speak more than one language.English is the big door opener between two persons speaking different languege on the condition that both speaks English,which is not the case most of the time.
So lets keep TE open to all,free to use their mother tongue when they do not have a knowledge of English.
By the way,my mother langage is french and use it with my french counterpart,and english with everyone else,and will eventually use spanish with spanish speaking community.So TE is more then learning photography.
Have a nice stay on TE and communicate in the language of your choice,a choice I will respect.
Yours friendly
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