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Originally Posted by jlbrthnn View Post
This is called "take pleasure in making people leave." This does not seem normal and healthy thinking.
You couldn't be more wrong Joel. None of the mods take pleasure in any member choosing to leave. However, if people choose to disregard the Terms of Service they bring the problems upon themselves. As has been said many, many times in the past, all societies and associations have their rules which have to be adhered to or the consequences accepted. Do those who don't want to abide by the rules here also ignore speed limits for example and then try to use as their defence "I don't like the speed limit so I will ignore it and there is nothing you can do"?
Different rules perhaps, and in different circumstances, but the underlying premise is no different. There is a big difference between not agreeing with rules / regulations and attempting to get them changed, and ignoring rules because you don't like them.
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