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Hi Darko,

This is the second time you are asking about critiques... So, for the second time I have to advise you to read the TOS and especially the rules about "Critiques"
This is a very important item as the critiques must be significative and critiquing is one of the core aspects of this site.


1. Critiques are to be used for any critical or praiseworthy comments about the critiqued photo.
Members are encouraged to give constructive criticism and feedback for how photos can be improved. For all intended purposes, constructive criticism will be defined as “criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions” In other words “This photo sucks” is not considered constructive criticism

2. Critiques should include specific reasons as to why a photo is either good or needs improvement.

3. Overly general critiques i.e. Nice shot, Great, I like it a lot! etc. are prohibited and will be removed.

4. Critiques which include broad generalizations such as good composition, nice colors etc. should be marked as a comment. Such critiques may be marked as a comment. Writing excessive amounts of these general critiques may be removed, and the ability to write critiques may be disabled. (It will still be possible to write comments.)

5. Critiquing is one of the core aspects of TE/TL/TN and all helpful critiques are welcomed, however critiquing mostly friend/family members without critiquing others is unfair to the other members and breaches the community spirit of this site. Please critique fairly, as failure to do so may result in removal of critiques and/or ratings or account removal.

6 Email to complain about rude critiques or forum messages.

7 Critiques may not contain any mention of points to be given in the future. If you run out of points, feel free to continue writing thoughtful critiques without mention of points.
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