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Default To pamastro: You're talking to an old Ford hand...

I was once a management trainee with Ford Motor Company, working in the Controller's office at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant. I'm afraid it wasn't a very good match, especially when I decided to grow a beard. It was in the late sixties, of course, when a beard was seen as a sign of rebellion. The Controller sent me to production control to have my picture taken so he could send it to Dearborn, not for approval, but simply to prove he had someone working for him who had a beard. When I went on the floor in my job as cost analyst I got more than my share of razzing. I almost got into a fist fight at an annual dinner when a foreman told me that a beard wasn't proper for a Ford employee. Times have certainly changed, though I still have my beard, 36 years later. They were especially distressed when I posted quotes from Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse on the bulletin board. They quickly disappeared until one day I was called into the plant manager's office and told politely to desist. And so...I enrolled in graduate school in architecture at the University of Washington.

I too will be posting a photo of a Ford building, though it is the long abandoned assembly plant in Richmond, California designed by Louis Kahn in the early 1930's. Glad you enjoyed this little meditation on shadows and geometry Paul.
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