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Default The Difference Between a Critique and a Comment...

Dear Rosemary,

Firstly, to reply to your last post here, you can find the information which you require if you look at the "Guidelines" and also the "F.A.Q.s". Just scroll down to the bottom of any page (even this one) and, at the left side, under "TrekEarth links" you will see "About" - click on that and you will be taken to both the guidelines and the F.A.Q.'s. Under paragraph 16 of the F.A.Q.s is written:

"What's the difference between a critique and comment?

"Critiques should contain specific information as to why a photo is good or not.

"Comments should contain information not related to the artistic or technical aspects of the photo. "

I trust that that is of some help. There are also guidance notes about how to write critiques fairly near the top of the "Guidelines" page.

Secondly, my last posting on this thread was in response to John Paskey's first post as I had not read his second one prior to posting mine. In his first post he freely admitted that he had not even read the article to which you had provided a link and therefore I felt that his comments were inappropriate as well as being ineptly expressed. That is all and I am sorry if my comments were felt by him and others to be objectionable for they were not intended to be so.

Kind Regards,


P.S. Did you get my post and links about diffraction?
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