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...but now i like this kind of portraits a, to crop or not to crop?

Sounds like you've already made up your mind : )

I would conclude from my huge experience in portrait photography (close to zero) that it is easier to get an engaging portrait by cropping the head i.e. getting close, and that environmental portraits are much harder, because there is more to balance with the subject.

So if you want easy 'great' shots, then crop, but if you want to push yourself try not cropping.

A <a href=>compromise</a> perhaps?
Although i now wonder what this shot of yours would be like with the complete head...

Regarding Parr, he is the anti-example! Clearly makes it up as he goes along.

I was just thinking about composition and the so called 'rule of thirds', why does this look better then a central shot?
It must come originally from the ratio of the Fibonacci series, known as the golden section, which occurs widely in nature and has been used in architecture, paintings and sculptures since they first figured it out. The ratio is 1:1.618. For more on this see <a href=>here</a>.
I guess we are just so used to seeing this natural ratio everywhere, it feels natural to include it in photography. Cropping heads perhaps doesn't obey this rule ..
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