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Default Re: India by Dariusz Klemens

Maciej, I see it completely differently:
You went to India several times with Alex Webb at top of mind and you came back with some searingly moving and dynamic pics, part Salgado in color ;o), part Webb for the most part. And they are fabulous, and have been recognized by thousands of fans of yours worldwide, some of them ending up in a well nown magazine.
This chap Klemens is talented sure but he's after a more obviously aesthetic view - HEAVY saturation, the compos themselves not earth shatteringly original or searching (mostly) and some use of color filters
it looks like...
If you had gone to India with Klemens crowsing your brain and tried to emulate him, we'd all be the poorer for it, my friend. Trust me. You did fine by following your star.
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