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Default Re: Sorry, you missed the whole point, Mark

Mark's reasoning is valid though that is obviously not the motivation that prompted the Louvre to act in this way (though don't tell them about Mark's understanding otherwise they might add that to their list of excuses!)

Indeed, the Louvre recognises the cultural icon status of some of their works. This action is not all that dissimilar to the action taken by the management at the Tower of London. If I recall correctly, you cannot actually stop and stand in front of the Crown Jewels anymore, you're stuck on a travelator that parades you at a reasonable 4-5kph pace around the glass displays and what few glimpses you manage to get are supported by giant LCD screens with video footage of the jewels. Caters quite happily for tourists who want to tick the "Crown Jewels" box on their London "To-Do" list but for the jewelry connoisseurs out there I'm sure most of their knowledge and appreciation for such works is based on books and other archival sources rather than the very items themselves.

Turning once again to these works as art rather than cultural icons I support the idea if its done explicitly in the interest of preserving the works better but trying to stop people from actually having the opportunity to appreciate the works in depth is kinda contradictory to the whole point of art in my opinion.

I suppose its good business ethics here-- you're catering for more people to have the chance to stand in front of the work but their subsequently sketchy recollections of what they saw can be mitigated by making then buy a postcard of Mona Lisa etc. 'Charitable', perhaps but it's still disappointing. And I don't like photography bans anyway though the people they're targeting are not specfically photographers.
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