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Default Sorry, you missed the whole point, Mark

The ban has not been edicted to protect paintings. If so, all painting departments should be concerned at the same time, which is not the case. And it shouldn't be extended to the whole building and collections, as planned

To quote the new regulations: with the growing success of the Grand Louvre project, marked by a sharp increase in annual attendance, the museum decided that the implemention of a partial restriction of photography and filming was needed. The restriction affects only the most crowded areas of the museum, where blocked views are most frustrating to the visiting public.

As I wrote before, people are expected to go faster from one room to another and linger less in front of the most popular pieces, bound to attract crowds. There goes your considerations for administrators willing to take care of art lovers who, as everyone knows, never watch a painting or a statue for more than 20 seconds...

By the way, what would be the best way to identify an art lover, not to be associated with a vulgar tourist eager to take pictures at anything he's been told to look at, and rush to the next masterpiece nearby? Should he:
Take an oath on a copy of Da Vinci's Treatise on painting?
Purchase a special permit?
Answer successfully some kind of test before being admitted inside ("we're so sorry, but your score doesn't qualify you to look at Géricault's paintings... but you can go to the bookstore instead")?
Any other suggestions?

I can't help but wonder...
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