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Default Re: Not on the verge...

Haha touche Luko.

I was playing the devil's advocate for a while there. I fully considered the paranoia factor and further limitations of a photographer's rights in public places to take photos. However, I still think that the Louvre is an isolated instance in which photography is banned because tourists can't seem to control their flash and paintings would be ruined because it. I don't think there is an invisible hand at work here, trying to limit a photographer's rights for the sake of security, national interest or anythign along those lines. While the far reaching implications of this ban is uncertain, and I fear its effects, I can however understand why the museum are taking such extreme measures.

Haha, it is far more difficult to take interesting photos in one's backyard than in a 3rd world country filled with vivid colors and unique faces. Sadly, I fall under this category of photographers. ;)
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