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Default Re: Not on the verge...

"a place that does not lend it self to be photographed."
the Louvre museum for instance?

It happens that "museum" photography is a part of street photography like Elliott Erwitt, HCB or more recently Matt Stuart showed us for instance... and yes of course, I could still breathe without the authorisation of shooting inside a museum, as I can breathe now in Paris streets where it is impossible to photo someone without sneaking the shot, as Peter can breathe even though he's been arrested for photographying kids, as I-don't-remember-who (Peter again?) was firmly advised not to take images in NYC underground, as some french photographers who had to pay ridiculous fees to the owner of a boat for having their pic including the boat published in a magazine, as etc. etc.

The problem of so called safer civilisation is that they easily and quickly tread into the paranoid zone. When safety is globally reached it then takes a lot of effort to marginally increase it, the effort is generally taken on the account of your freedom. It often leads to breaking balls of 10% of the population who has nothing to do with it to satisfy 1% of the population, the rest of it, 89% being neutral. Just that.

Going in your way, I then think that the more challenging thing for a street photographer is to take landscapes and to cope with it. Will you please post photos with NO people in it anymore, Mark, thanks... ;) ...

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