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Default Re: Not on the verge...

"I understand your plight with the banning of photography, and seeing this as putting a strain on one's artistic expressoin, but I think that the ban would have benefits as well. Rather than looking through the viewfinder or LCD to frame the photo right, or spend time fumbling with one's camera, perhaps the visitor will instead spend more time viewing the paintings and art pieces giving the attention it deserves. Plus, let us not forget that a photo of a piece of art is only a lesser copy of the original. Also, if one makes a case for street photography inside the museum because it is interesting, then I would challenge that person to find beauty and unique photos at a place that does not lend it self to be photographed."
with the above statement I disagree 100%.
Why the assumption that the photographer doesn't spend enough time enjoying art? I don't see the relation here and doubt that anyone will give the piece more attention just because photos of it can not be taken. And why are we suppose to be told how to enjoy our visit at the musuem (as long as we aren;t damaging or disturbing anything)?
I also don't agree that one only has to copy the art in the images, there is still plenty of ways of putting your own spin on it or simply take advantage of interesting elements available.
Why we would have to avoid beautifull places to photograph?
Mark, you have my full support and disagreement bro ;-)
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