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Default Re: Magnum and small digital cameras

Well, of course.... !
The better you tool is, the better chance your picture will come out right... but stilll it is just the tool. It is you who takes the picture not the camera ;-) but of course I agree that if you camera is not sufficient, no matter how good the lighting, your vision or the composition is - the picture will not be statisfactory. On the other hand, if you have the best camera out there and you don't know how you use it to your advantage ... well... it is just the same to me.

To sum it all up.. if I personally had to choose between a great talent and a great camera -..... i'd choose the talent because I still personnally think that it will allow me to get better pictures.. even with the crappiest cameras. But that is just my opinion.

Like everything in life - there is a 'golden middle' ;-) and finding it is probably the wisest thing to do.

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