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Default No surprise

I have always believed that its the photographer, not the camera that makes thr big difference. A great photographer will make great photos with a top range DSLR or just a point and shoot cam. A poor photographer will continue making bad photos even with the best 10 thousand USD DSLR. Whats always the most important thing is the composition. A great composition pretty much overcomes the technical apects. Not the other way around. besides, the current point and shoot cameras make real great photos. They capture color very well, details, good clarity and sharpness. if I compare photos shot by my film Canon EOS55 and my current Sony Cybershot DCS-P200, I see no real technical difference. And then, theres always photoshop to give your photos that little extra quality wise. what still matters in the end are good, interesting compositions. Thats thw photographers job.
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