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Default Re: A question.. Women photgraphers travelling alone

Hi Shelly
I fully sympathise with you as I have the same fears. You won't find too many low-light shots in my gallery for that very reason. If I can't persuade my husband to come with me I don't go. A friend was mugged for her camera a couple of years ago when alone at night. She just let it go and wasn't hurt but still......
My latest fountain shot in Prague was taken in a fairly quiet area of the city. My husband was with me but he'd wandered off around the fountain as it was intermittant and he was trying to see if his presence would trigger something to set it off again. He looked over and a man was staggering towards me (I didn't see him as I was head in camera engrossed in f stops and shutter speeds) My husband ran towards me and the man just went back the same way he had come. Although nothing happened it makes you wonder what would have happened if I had been alone...
You have certainly raised an issue that strikes a chord with me.
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