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Default Re: A question.. Women photgraphers travelling alone

Hey Shelly,

I guess women are more prone to being mugged or harrassed than men for obvious reasons. I guess it all depends of the places you visit. Places that has ongoing insurgency, bombings or war is a big no-no unless you are a brave journalist. Places that has a high crime rate or a country of unstable security, or a place where kindnapping is rampant.

We as photographers are so enthusiastic going into to any adventure, taking us to places that we have never been to ending up being alone in a situation.

I guess I can only suggest when going on a photo hike:

1) Don't bring too much cash, just bring enough for food and transportation.
2) Before leaving your hotel, leave a note or a message of your itinerary in your room/concierge of your whereabouts in case of emergency.
3) Emergency mobile phone in hand (fully charged)
4) Pocket crypton flashlight
5) Water and snack in case you get stranded for a long period of time to get your energy regained.
6) Wear appropriate clothing, nothing suggestive you ;)
7) Pepper spray and a whistle in case to attract/call attention.

Mind you not only in remote places that photographers are being victimized moreso in crowded 'tourist' places can be a tourist trap in itself. Like Open markets, public squares, crowded trains, buses and other public transportations/terminals.

Always keep in mind of your surroundings, ask and research before going to the place. The best part is to enjoy takingb photographs...and by the way avoid bumping into groups of drunken men specially at night! Follow your 'gut feeling' if you think it's worth continuing the path, its best that way.

Take Care

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