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Default Re: New 'List Cities' Feature

This problem is also present in Peru. For example in 'Puno' State, there are many mentioned cities that can be put together as one:

- Uros / Islas Uros / Islas Flotantes / Isla Uros / Iles Uros / FLOATING ISLANDS

- Lago Titicaca / lake titicaca / titikaka lake

- 'sun island' is not an island in Peru but in Bolivia. That would be: "Bolivia >> North >> La Paz", although Bolivia has its own problems with city locations, and it probably would by 'Isla del Sol' instead of 'sun island'

In Cuzco:

- The Sacret Valley is no city in Cuzco, just a nickname to a part of the Urubamba Valley. It probably deserves no 'city' to be located

- 'Sacsayhuaman' and 'Pukapukara' are part of Cuzco city
- pisaq / pisaac / Pisac
- "Pachacamac" isn't located in Cuzco but in Lima state
- "Ollyantambo" should be under "Ollantaytambo"
- "near Salineras" is no place
- "Inca Trail" is no city at all, just a trail, as its name (in English or Spanish) says

In Lima:

- "Lima Centro" should be under "Lima"
- "Ticlio" is no city, but the place has that specific name, even in maps of Peru, and no city nearby.

The list could be too long in all places in TE, but perhaps of we all help Adam when an error occurs in a region we know well, this could be greatly reduced. Maybe a click on 'report violation' to report an incorrectly geographicaly positioned photograph. Just an idea.
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