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Default Re: New 'List Cities' Feature

To use the Rio example.....
Maybe it would help, if in the navigation bar -
"Photos: Earth >> South America >> Brazil >> Southeast >> Rio de Janeiro >> Rio de Janeiro"
- it would show "Region", "State" and "City" after the name? Or show some icon or symbol? Of course it would make it longer and it would make it go to second row in most od the cases.

Few more notes about Rio de Janeiro:

I suspect many of those cities are also the same:
-Teresesopolis / Teresopolis / Rio de Janeiro - Teresopolis
-Arraial do Sana / Arraial do Sana (Macae)
-ilha / Ilha Grande / Ilha Grande - Angra dos Reis
-Itatiaia / Itatiaia (Maromba) / Itatiaia (Vila de Maromba)
-Parati / Paraty / Paratyt

"Nationwide" probably isn't a city at all and "Corcovado" should be under Rio De Janeiro CITY. Please correct me somebody if I'm wrong.
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