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Default Hi adam and others!

It is so often that I find that the states, regions and cities are a mess. The reason I'm talking about this really isn't that I 'm so uptight and "ordnung must sein" :) It is just that often when posting a photo I want to see if anybody hasn't already taken exact same one or when I'm planning a vacation, I would like to see the photos from certain destinations - also then the correctly functioning location structure would be great help.

Right now I have Rio de Janeiro in mind. There is Rio de Janeiro STATE and under that Rio de Janeiro CITY. However, many people don't notice the diffenence and this is probably how "Maracana Stadium" ended up being a CITY in Rio de Janeiro STATE rather than a location in Rio de Janeiro CITY (what would be correct). There are probably numerous other examples of that kind of mistakes - but I'm not an expert of Rio. I can understant the people who do not notice the difference because I remember when I first came to TE I found it confusing myself. You just do not see the headline STATE - you see "Rio de Janeiro" and think you are already in the city. So I wondered if there was a way to make this easier for users.

I believe all those cities in Rio de Janeiro STATE are essentially the same (maybe somebody from Rio can help here):
-Rio Janeiro
-Rio das Ostras
-Rio de Janeiro
-Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
-Rio de Janeiro - Teresopolis
-Rio de Janiero
-Rio e Janeiro
-Rio Janeiro
-Rio of Janeiro

There are also other mistakes: somebody has posted a photo of a fly ( under Volta Redonda city in Rio de Janeiro state. As far as I know Volta Redonda is a football club, not a city.
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