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Default Sorry for making a mess here...

I didn't know there is a limit of message's lenght. The system should tell that...
Anyway, what I wanted to add:
In Estonia there are currently 5 different Tallinns in 5 different regions, and then there are 3 misspelled Tallins in 3 different counties. In real world our capital is Tallinn and it is in Harjumaa county.
This whole mess doesn't really serve the aim of learning about world through photograpy.
Isn't there any way we can correct this mess?Maybe we could find volunteers from each country to check the structure of locations and make the first levels of the location tree fixed and unchangeable?Or perhaps it could be possible to implement a way of fixing these errors if somebody notices them, or at least a way of reporting these errors to somebody who could do that.
I'm offering my help in clearing up the mess in Estonia.

Best wishes,
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