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Default Re: To Adam: a suggestion concerning "series" on TE

OK, Henk, I misquoted you slightly. I did say nothing when you said not much left. My thoughts don't change one tiny bit though. If you think there is "not much left" for you to learn, you are crippling yourself horribly I will guarantee you that the best shooters in the world still think there is tons to learn. THat is how they got to be the best and how they stay on top. Quibbling over a small bit of semantics doesn't change that at all.

I know the second paragraph was (sort of) directed at Francis, but I will answer anyways. Nothing that much has changed over the past two years at TE. Part of the reason that there is so little change is that the site is successful as it is. When you have something that is working, ie, lots of activity on a web site, you don't make wholesale changes. Now, what works for the masses will not work for all and that is why some (not many in terms of TE membership) regret that there are no changes.

You have made suggestions that have not been taken up by management. Does this mean that management hasn't considered them? Nope, I would bet heavily that they have been considered and Adam has decided they simply do not fit within his vision of TE. The fact that the same suggestion may have been many times does not suggest that the the suggestion isn't considered; it just says that Adam hasn't changed his mind since the last time that was brought up. If you are bringing something up many times and nothing is happening in response, you are doing nothing other than beating a dead horse. I do know for a fact that user suggestions do get considered, as a number that I have made have been implemented into TE. Others I have made haven't been implemented and that is cool too. If I wanted everything to fit into the Darren vision, I would start my own site.

You complain about me insulting you Henk, that is fine. I notice that you didn't make any move to retract the original insult you made towards Adam. Glass houses and all...
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