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Default Re: To Adam: a suggestion concerning "series" on TE

Through all the requests already seen here in the forums, one must conclude that the management of the site gives priority to quantity above quality, so your request maybe once more in vain, a dream ... you could handle this already with a post of six photos a day linked to each other to TL and the WS, only a few will follow of course, deviating from the main stream, reflections you will find on the main post on TE/TL.
You know that after 2 years member on TE, there is not that much left to learn for yourself but more to learn to others, maybe TE is focussing more the learning ambitions of the so many daily new here, a new challenge then. Reason of the system of TE not likely adepting to a few, other systems or sites gives you more this possibility ....
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