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Default Re: To Adam: a suggestion concerning "series" on TE

Just like Rafal said, TE is just not designed for series. TE is based on a daily posting system and, to me, to implement series functionalities that would mean that you would have to give the viewers access to the photos only when the series was completed. I mean, there's no point in keep posting and showing a photo a day to present a series. Nobody will look at it as a complete group and it would be nonsense to critique the single as a single and not as part of the collection. And then we would need a place to critique the collection as a whole...
Am not saying that a thing like this couldn't be implemented. Count me in the group that would love to see series being posted at this wonderful site. I am just saying that the posting method here is not suitable for a series presentation. Even if you are able link the photos in a way (easy to implement) it is the posting method that needs to be changed in order to series to fully make sense.
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