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Default tomorrow, tomorrow, demain, demain

""I don't get the last sentence..""
Ron should have started his own thread; and called it "Attempt at being funny..."

"Anyway the answers are given."
Well sorta... ;)

"a) Not allowed, but done by many and in different ways :) "
Exactly! That has been my observation... :(

"b) I would not forget it, but for sure, some people will, it happens."
Exactly! That has been my observation... :(

"Does it really matter? "
Is "clutter" good? Why bother with a promise if one can't be bothered to follow-up?
Is it a sign of a point-hunter?

"Points are ok, a real critique is way nicer and moves you forward (hopefully)."
AMEN brother!

"c) You have to edit the critique in order to give points, just remove the sentence and add the points and everything is clean again, no traces, takes a few seconds more :) "
Exactly! That has been my observation... ;) And since it only takes a small effort, IF YOU MUST make promises, then why not clean up the clutter later???

I hope that those who read this understand that I would prefer to see meaningful critiques or comments without "debris"... Points are a different subject altogether.

Thanx, Jay
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