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Default Re: "Points tomorrow"...

Hi Jay.

a) Is it in fact permitted to include such a phrase in a critique?
No it's not, and you cannot post a critique containing this sentence. Nevertheless, there's plenty of ways to say things differentely and a lot of people do that. I was one of them in the past, then I thought it was completely useless. If I post a positive critique and have no points left to give, it's for me obvious I will come back the day after.

b) How many people "forget" to get it done?
Well, I don't know. But is it very important to be sure to get these points? At the end, the points you'll earn for a positive critique will never be enough to buy sweets after school...

c) Why leave traces of such phrases hanging around?
To my opinion, there's no interest in that, and these phrases are a bit of pollution in the critiques, but they won't prevent me from sleeping well at night.

Kind regards.

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