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Default Re: my portfolio for the VII contest

Maciek, your photos from Asia are really good. The thing is, this is a genre thats been done to death. So even if your photos are great, they will have to be absolutely brilliant to rise above the "Ive seen this before" reaction.

If I were you, I wouldnt submit any of them. Go with something different, unusual. And thats your cardiff stuff. 20 is a maximum. Put together anywhere from 10 to 20 shots from cardiff and submit that. Even if it isnt as visually impactful as your Dump stuff, I think it is better. Its original, different and you have enough material to put something together.

Which images? You have so many I wont even try. But Luko, Narayan and others have proposed stuff. I say drop all of their proposals into a gallery along with stuff you chose and then see how you can put it all together to fit under the 20 image requirement.
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