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Thanks for your reply Anna, Here is the screenshot I get when I try to change the text of my profile.I want to keep the same e-mail address, and I wonder if the site is wary of it because it’s . And yet I have had it for 15 years.I often use the Beta version of the site when viewing the photographs, bacause I find it more pleasant. However, when I have to do some work in my gallery, modify something or use the forums, I close Beta and only have normal TE open.Kind regards.Marie-Louise


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I only ever wrote one introduction to my TE account in 2006.
Now, after 13 years spent on the site, I think it’s time to edit my profile.
It’s been 13 years of joy, watching your photos, sharing mine, and generally interacting with you all.
It’s been so pleasing to travel around the world through all the members’posts.

However, something serious is happening to our beautiful planet, and has been happening for many years, with our leaders and ourselves trying as hard as possible to ignore it.
I am talking about Global Warming; This year in particular (but less than the years to come), it’s difficult to ignore it, with the heat waves that have been striking, the violent storms, the floodings, the melting of the ice at the poles and in the mountains, and the immigration of the people who are the most deeply hurt by these factors.
I am really sorry if I sound pessimistic, which I am not as a rule.

So to remain optimistic, we thought in our family to stop travelling by plane for one thing.
I have still got a lot of photos from my years to far away countries, so I shall post those and I am sure I’ll find plenty of opportunities for useful posts from France, Brittany, Britain or Europe at the farthest, when it can be reached by train.
Thanks for your appreciation.

TE members that I have met:
UlfE (Ulf Eriksson) - Ricx (Richard Beghin)
If anyone comes to the Brest region in Brittany, I'll be delighted to meet them and show them some sites.

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