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Hi Alan,

You'll take great shots with the Olympus lens. Many posts are unfamilar with Olympus system lens and their extremely high quality glass. Do the research and you'll find that all Olympus lens generally exceed Canon and Nikon for image quality. Olympus uses a FULL FRAME 4/3rds format while Canon and Nikon use the 35mm format. Using the term full frame is misleading as Olympus uses a totally different format. I have been a photographer for over 35 years. Back in the day most wedding photograpy was done using either medium format or larger. Along came groundbreakers using 35mm format and they were told their format was too small and not full frame. Here we go again. So unless you purchase high end Canon and Nikon bodies you won't get a full frame 35mm format. However, with Olympus you'll get a full frame 4/3rds format with all of their SLRs. True a 4/3rds sensor is smaller than Canon or Nikon 35mm based bodies, but Olympus make the better lens overall. There is more to great photos than sensor size or format. Composition and a cheap camera will always save the day for any good photographer. I own Nikon film and Olympus E-3 and will soon post some jaw dropping photos taken through China and Africa and in harsh weather. The Olympus E-3 body is weather tight and not afraid of rain or dust. I would suggest that you not try to mate an Olympus lens to anything other than an Olympus SLR body as you'll only compromise the end product.
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