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Default Re: A REFERENDUM !

But what is the opinion of Mr. Grabarczyk? Is that a "tak"?

Advantages of the old site: fast, user-friendly (easy to use, clear links, good font size), functional -> it encourages participation and interaction, it's fun, it's addictive

Advantages of the new site: nicer look, photo quality better, points are not displayed (encourages more thoughtful critiques and more attention to less popular photos/members, and that's good), it's not addictive (this can be a good thing, after all)

I don't care about advertising, and I understand that

In the beginning the new site was a complete disaster, but now I can live with it. Having said that, I still prefer the "old one" (so that's the "YES" to your question). It would have been possible to improve the look of the old site, and avoiding the display of points in its main gallery, without all the trouble of a new site.

But the new site is here to stay, it seems, and the best course of action is to give it the functionality and "user-friendly" capabilities of the old site. I hope so.

We'll always have a traditional version of TE in, after all I believe everyone here has already learnt some basic Polish.