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Default What to visit in Belgium...

I know, for you the answer is too late... but maybe some else may be helped...

I think Belgium is mainly interesting for some cities:
* Brussels There you should go to the market square (I find this one of the most beautful places in the world) and have a look at the dispappointing 'Manneken Pis' (but... to my feeling it kinda shows how we think about the world that suppressed us....)

* Ghent I am a big fan of Ghent, becuase it's a real living city with a nice mixutre of different building styles and a unique city castle and you should also visit the cathedral for the famous Van Eyck paining there.

* Bruges But I am not such a fan of Bruges - many tourists and less different styles...

* Liege is also quite nice

And many of the small cities have some interesting buildings as well....