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Default Re: New tech feature will limit post edit time

I wouldn't just assume that they do things without taking alot of things into consideration.
If my memory serves me right, there are several moderators, a few owners and some valued member that they could pull thoughts from. There is probably not just one person running this whole ball of wax and with several people, they get alot of feedback and I am sure they think of the negatives and the positives before making a decision like this.
Of course, I cannot speak for them but I know they used a committee when this all started and I have hard time believing they'd abandon that concept!

I think it's great that you are civil and haven't deleted all your photos like some have....sorrier than that, we have people sticking up for them, writing retaliatory critiques to me for disagreeing in the forums. AFTER the fact they deny it...but it's all good.

They have been reported and I can assure you they will be dealt with.

Thanks for your feedback David, you have a great weekend too!!

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