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Default Re: New Travelogue Area

> This is a fairly big addition so it will take time though.

Yes, of course, I understand. Monday will be soon enough. ;-)

I guess I'm picturing a Travelogue except that we control what photos are contained in it and the order of presentation. It would also allow the linking of anybody's photos -- either your own or others'. Let's say I'm a diver -- I could create a theme called Dive Locations and link in any photos of potential dive destinations.

I'm not sure if you'd want an Add to Theme link on all photos, though. I was thinking more of having a Theme maintenance screen. Perhaps photos could be selected with some sort of pop-up where you could navigate through all photos geographically or by member. I don't know... see what everybody else thinks. Even if you decide not to allow linking of other members' photos, it would still be useful for the reasons that were discussed before.
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