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ngythanh 07-22-2007 01:32 AM

To nicol_g: Thanks for your question
Dear Nicol:
Thank you for your good question. By asking it, you told me you focused closely with full attention on what I offered here in TE.

Are the dry terraces a common sight?
Yes and No.
Yes, the dry portions are newly leveled pads that Hani minority people just developped and completed the turn-around task from hill slope into terraced fields. At this point, they are awaiting for the rain to fill water in so they could cultivate vegetables for the first year. This step would turn the soil into well-done status before being ready for rice planting. The more population grows, the more land need to be broken up for tillage.
No, because landscape photographers prefer to leave these areas without water and reflection out of their composition by purpose. The raw parts don't give the viewers good feeling and damage the beauty of Yuanyang. As a farmer since teenager, I had the different approach to cultivation. Therefore, I decided to enclose the dry pads in my picture to hint a contrast, and to tell how hard Hani people must earn their meal using bare hands with the absence of all machinery...

Hopefully my explaination brings a correct answer to your curiosity, my friend.


nicol_g 07-22-2007 12:49 PM

Re: To nicol_g: Thanks for your question
Yes, Thanh - your explanation was very useful to me.

As you point out in your reply "landscape photographers prefer to leave these areas without water and reflection out of their composition by purpose" and most images I saw from YY display either excellent reflections, either fresh vivid green terraces. One way or the other they emphasize the 'nice', visually-appealing side of the place and rarely its inner story (as some close-ups or certain images of yours including people working the terraces do).

This image 'hit' me a bit and I understand now it's the contrast you mention in your reply.
So, the dry terraces are newly leveled pads... Thank you very much.

A good Sunday to you, dear Thanh!

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