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nika 01-10-2007 05:52 PM

Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
Leaving aside or putting apart ( don t know the right expression ) points , flaterings ,friendships or hypocritfriendships , community compulsory and standarised behaviours regarding our ego fulfilment through critiques given back and so on ...i would like to know from you who , in TE , is/are a real great great photographer that deserves to be looked into , studied , tasted deeply in her/his artistical skills , sensativiness , work so as to get stimulations for apprenticeship

Who is a really good photographer here in TE ?

nika 01-10-2007 06:26 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
Maybe i did not express my question properly ...Don t want to offend anyone . The question was mainly aimed to get traces of the best photography through this site , TE , that i , in some epoque reached to divinise but by now , owing to the excess of posts , uploads , oversaturation of pictures , themes pepeated , styles copied , imagination adultarated , photoshopping and other surgery applied , money available to buy smiles elsewhere in this planet , good photographic kits with a wide scope or range of lenses ...

I just wanted you to recommend me , leaving aside those circumstances (disponibility to travel and discover world , big pocket , trade of/with points , sophisticated equipment , fame through TE), who has certain spell , sensativiness , intelligence , originality by here in TE and is really worth being studied sifting every detail of her his work

Didi 01-10-2007 07:06 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
Sophisticated equipment does not make a good picture; its can help only.
But the importance is in the photographer experience and creativity to compose.

Luko 01-10-2007 08:00 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
"Who is a really good photographer here in TE ?"
There are plenty of good photographers in TrekEarth
There are probably more who think they are good photographers
There are some who (or are likely to) succeed into photography, there are some others who won't,

I know of one very skilful and inspired photographer and his name is S.....................




- Gosh, Inspector, He's been stabbed in the back, there's blood everywhere...
- Yes, it's the first murder case in TrekEarth history, I suspect it might be the start of a long list...
- what could be the reason, inspector?
- Jealousy, officer, always jealousy. Yup, let's move on...

Homerhomer 01-10-2007 08:56 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
well I would say Luko was the one I would recommend but since he has been stabbed he is history, screw the b...rd ;-)
Before he was stabbed he wanted to scream Sohrab, by far the best photog imo this site ever had, nobody comes even close, unfortunately not active anymore. So far I am two for two;-)
There are many others I would suggest paying attention to some of the listed below, and there are others who are worth following but it isn't always to pick everyone out of 50,000, however before you even look at anyone here why don't you go to and follow the real masters.

list (many unfortunately aren't active anymore)
38. RandomCameraGuy 2006-09-17 [Delete]
37. Furachan 2006-08-27 [Delete]
36. ALSOM 2006-07-05 [Delete]
35. espadana 2006-05-19 [Delete]
34. itworks 2006-04-10 [Delete]
33. markoci 2006-04-05 [Delete]
32. jasperbuninga 2006-03-24 [Delete]
31. bullabulla 2006-03-02 [Delete]
30. T-3 2006-02-11 [Delete]
29. nerve 2005-11-18 [Delete]
28. Mingfang 2005-10-17 [Delete]
27. carobnica 2005-09-24 [Delete]
26. nygus 2005-09-02 [Delete]
25. joelsantos 2005-07-15 [Delete]
24. markgong 2005-07-08 [Delete]
23. Santi 2005-06-25 [Delete]
22. jcandeli 2005-06-23 [Delete]
21. Proxilva 2005-05-31 [Delete]
20. A-la-N 2005-05-17 [Delete]
19. bartpogoda 2005-05-11 [Delete]
18. morganommer 2005-05-07 [Delete]
17. Skorj 2005-04-25 [Delete]
16. MKING 2005-04-13 [Delete]
15. Galeota 2005-04-10 [Delete]
14. tongapup 2005-04-09 [Delete]
13. Surrealist 2005-04-09 [Delete]
12. babul 2005-04-03 [Delete]
11. 2005-03-30 [Delete]
10. AnimeshRay 2005-03-19 [Delete]
9. 2005-03-16 [Delete]
8. 2005-03-10 [Delete]
7. 2005-03-07 [Delete]
6. maciekda 2005-03-06 [Delete]
5. Darren 2005-03-05 [Delete]
4. Elise_d 2005-03-05 [Delete]
3. FredericPascual 2005-03-05 [Delete]
2. Morita 2005-03-05 [Delete]
1. carolynanna 2005-03-03 [Delete]

rushfan2112 01-10-2007 09:45 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
Not sure what all that stuff about stabbing (etc) is about.....!

Anyway, too many excellent photographers on here to concentrate on a few. Have a trawl round and see who YOU like. That's what I do and it's fun.

For what it's worth, though, have a look at "Manny" as his people photos are utterly stunning. If you're interested in landscapes, you will find dozens, if not hundreds of truly great collections - and the odd gem in collections that don't look too promising.

Seriously, don't let anyone influence your decisions - make up your own mind.

Best wishes,


dzain 01-10-2007 10:32 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
I agree with Nika, seeing some photo's from photographers that are just okay, but nothing special with 80 points just doesn't make sense. Think it's all about friends and not about quality. And some superb shots only have 10 or 20 points.

Allthough I'm glad to see one or two 'WOW photo's' a day, there are 2 photographers that caught my attention because of their entire gallery.

The first one is:
he makes beautiful landscapepictures

and the second one is:
he is very creativ with his pov's and the using of light, mirror in water and materials

Both of them are not my friends, I admire them just because of their photography!

Roly 01-10-2007 11:11 PM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
For landscape photography, the Timecatcher team (AdamBurton, Timecatcher) are certainly among the best. vbourrut and capthaddock also deliver constantly very good images.

SamB 01-11-2007 12:25 AM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
Avoiding those who have already been mentioned, i would also like to mention Floydian and euryan for landscape photography.

Also, i don't think that jinju has been mentioned yet--he's known for simplifying urban South Korea.

Homerhomer 01-11-2007 01:37 AM

Re: Who s really a good photographer in TE ??
ok, I relly shouldn't suggest any list since I knew the minute I post other names will come to my mind that deserve a mention, and once I post this more names will come up.
others who I think are very good:

and more

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