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Uhu 02-26-2008 07:10 PM

"Historical" notes and threads that become political
I want to say here about one thing that happens all the time: once I saw the fierce struggle between Macedonian and Greek about the name of FYR Macedonia; later something was going to happen with this Kosovo business; now I and my country was called Nazi-propaganda struck because of discussion about what happened 60 years ago; and so on and so on.
Now the message is: can we all, humans, stop provocate each other and post political-or-close-to-politics notes at least here, on TE?
ANd further on, if we look at Wikipedia, for example, we can see there pages with thing written "controversial; different memebers have different views".
Is it possible to do something like this here? Or maybe editors can stop threads that become political?
Now that's it.

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