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emka 03-29-2020 03:37 PM

To holmertz: Touristy or not
Hi Gert, I wrote that when we were there, there were almost no tourists. When we walked down there and then again up, we didn't meet anyone - only people working there. Do you see here the tourists taking selfies? But you do not believe me and know better from the net.
We saw also other paddy fields and they looked different - here they were in the very narrow valley and I found it attractive. Later we saw more spacious. All were impressive for me. When I saw these Balinese fields, I thought - I would see bigger and more attractive paddy fields in the Philippines. Only a few days later I realized that it wouldn't be possible.:(
Kind regrads


holmertz 03-29-2020 04:26 PM

I knew you would get angry. I told you so. ;)

emka 03-29-2020 05:36 PM

If you knew it, so why you wrote like this?

holmertz 03-29-2020 05:46 PM

Because it really didn't look so very impressive. So I looked it up on the net, found lots of sites mentioning it as the place where everyone goes because it so close to Ubud (the Hoi An of Indonesia), and someone mentioning ticket sales etc. It sounded like it had become some kind of Disneyland.
I am sorry you are so sensitive.

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