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Manamo 06-21-2010 05:22 PM

To sayeed_rahman: not alone
I was not alone this time! my gf came with me and we left the baby home with her grand-mother! It was good to go on a trip with her and no one to take care but us. We missed the little one, but we knew she was safe so we were able to enjoy the good time there!!
Like India, Canada is a very wide country and I dreamed going to the Rockies since I was very young, but could not because it's too far. So, it was a child's dream come true!;)

So what happened out there?? The pictures I've seen so far are good. Especially that amazing portrait you posted today. What I have found is that in high altitudes, you REALLY do need those graduated neutral density filters to make sure you get a wider dynamic range. If not, you either burn the sky or get a crappy dark foreground. I also found out that we have to wake up really early to get some good light!as soon as the sky gets blue, it's hard getting decent pictures. I mean in terms of landscapes...but that's all I did there, landscapes!

HOw was your trip photo wise and experience wise?


sayeed_rahman 06-21-2010 05:34 PM

Photowise - i havent yet looked at the cards, one at a time..but clocking kilometres meant photography taking a backseat unlike kumbh mela where i went just to shoot.

experience - irreplaceable time, 5000+kms on the road, extreme conditions, people, good and not so good, friends along the trip, overseas was the best of all i had..wish i could spend more time at each place to make photos..

you cant have everything on a plate..

now i have 20 family members in canada..blood and related/extended..toronto etc..rockies yes, i had seen videos my uncle had brought back..

one too..the rockies..alaska..:)


Manamo 06-21-2010 05:56 PM

5000 km? that is A LOT!!! I understand what you mean then! I did not do half as much when I was in the Rockies and it really impaired the photography...When you have so much road to do, you are sort of reluctant to stop to shoot!!! but you are right, everything can't be perfect!

you coming to Canada sounds like a good plan! from Toronto to Alaska? that would be a heck of a (loooong) trip!! But that would be awesome I think. I'm sure you would like. Make sure you tell me when you decide to come here!!

see you


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