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worldcitizen 10-19-2017 05:58 PM

Updating member profiles

I would like to remind the tech team that several members, including myself, are still unable to update their profiles. I've been trying to update mine for a year and a half, and get the following message: cannot execute intro_query

It would be greatly appreciated if this could be looked into again. There has to be a solution!

Thank you,

IBJoel 10-19-2017 06:35 PM

Hey Brenda, a few quick questions I can give to tech:
What's your internet browser?

What country are you accessing the site from?

Are you using the English-language site or a different language?

holmertz 10-19-2017 06:47 PM

Hi Joel.
Updating the personal profile has been impossible for lots of members for well over a year and it has been pointed out many times. I use Safari but just now I tried Google Chrome, just to see if there was any difference, but I get the same message as always: "Cannot execute intro_query". I use the English language service and I'm accessing the site from Sweden. I know people having the same problem in Poland, UK and other countries.

pierrefonds 10-19-2017 11:14 PM

Hi Joel,

I have the same problem using IE or Google Chrome getting the same answer as the others.


worldcitizen 10-20-2017 01:12 AM

Hi Joel,

I'm using Firefox. I'm in the US, and viewing in English.
Thanks for looking into this, and I'm hoping it will finally be fixed.


worldcitizen 12-03-2017 01:00 AM

Any news on the Profile Update bug???
Hi tech team,

Is there anything new to report on this issue? I tried once again, hoping to be surprised, but I am still unable to update my profile after almost two years.

I don't understand why this problem still exists after almost two years of reporting it...

Thank you,

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